Monday, May 12, 2014

Surviving Morning... Err "ALL-DAY" Sickness!!

While morning sickness is said to be a major symptom of pregnancy, not everyone starts that way. On my first visit to the doctor, I was prescribed medicines for nausea and vomiting. She gave me some more tips to deal with it and said that it was a part of the first trimester. I was yet to begin my reading and researching and the little knowledge I had about this was from friends and family.

Following a healthy diet to the T, I ensured I ate well and on time. As a week passed, I was mighty pleased with myself as I was eating healthy food, with fruits, coconut water etc etc, and I had not experienced anything even close to the famed sickness yet. 

Until one evening! While gorging on my favourite fruit, a watermelon, something made me run to the sink and before I knew it, I was throwing all over.

That was just the beginning. With every passing day, it only got worse. Soon, the better part of my days and nights were spent in the bathroom and within a week, I was completely washed out. Nothing that went in, stayed, with me developing a revulsion for everything I liked and hating food in general.

Hence, I renamed it to "all-day" sickness as it isn't something related to any time of the day at all. The Internet and the 'experienced ones' were full of ideas and advices, none of which worked for me. And as the days progressed, I tried a few things to make myself feel a bit better. 

Here are some of them that worked:
  • Calorie intake being the focus, I kept chocolates and toffees at my bedside and in my handbag. This isn't recommended if your weight is on the wrong side of the scale though. My system didn't allow me to gorge on them anyway. Nothing sour suited me either, but the desi orange candies were just fine.
  • I'd eat very small portions of food or fruits to ensure that there was less acidity which leads to more nausea. To be honest though, eating even that much seemed like a task :(

  • My lunch and dinner comprised more of pulses and veggies and less roti or rice. These are lighter to digest and good for the system. Though whenever possible, I would have idli with sambhar. It suited both - my palette and system.
  • One thing that really helped was harad churan. You get these at most places. These are salty and help change your taste. I always kept some in my bag and popped it in, whenever required.
  • Peppermint was another savior. My hubs got some from a betel shop and a small piece worked wonders.
  • Fresh slices of ginger soaked in a bit of lime juice helped combat the nausea too. You can keep a few in a small box close to you and suck it when you feel nauseus. Though, it's not recommended to take too much of this in the summers.
  • The other thing I discovered, during this phase, were the benefits of Limca with some black salt. While this also reaffirmed my belief that Limca should be sold at the chemists, rather than a general store ;)! I did try the tetra packs of electral in various flavours too, but, somehow, couldn't go beyond a few sips.
  • As if this all-day sickness wasn't enough, I developed lactose intolerance as well, which meant no milk or milk products. Hence, I took to having Horlicks in water every morning, which sufficed to some extent, or so I believe.
  • Marie and Parle G became my favourites, as they are light and good as well as comforting to eat.
  • Rest is the key here. I tried to sleep as much as I could. Also, most prescribed medicines for morning sickness may cause lethargy and make you feel sleepy. So, avoid driving during this period, if possible.
All said and done, this sickness didn't leave me till almost the end of my second trimester. These were just a few ways I ensured that I ate something and had enough energy to make those very frequent trips to the washroom. All the gyan about hormonal changes and blah blah blah only made me more irritable and I took to distracting myself with my work and reading fiction. While my weight gain was consistent, thankfully, after the first trimester, my appetite was gone. Yet, these things helped me survive the phase, if not sail through smoothly.

I'm sure all the mothers reading this would have some ideas and tips too. It'd be nice if you would share those here for others planning to becoming a maa :)

Be back soon. Till then, take care and stay precious :)

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