Sunday, April 6, 2014

Being a Maa...

When I was wheeled into the operation theatre after the labour pain lasting several hours and the doctor deciding to go for a c-sec due to certain reasons, I was scared, dead scared. My cousin, waiting with my husband outside, remarked that I looked very tensed. To this, my better half replied, 'The problem is that she reads too much.'

It was barely a few minutes after that when we heard the loud shrills of my newborn and I started crying inconsolably. My doctor smiled at me, saying that crying was good for my little one, but not for me.

These are those moments that changed my life completely. Motherhood has given a new meaning to my life and made me a person I never knew existed within me. Today, I am a mother first before anything else and everything I say or do now has me thinking about my little one first. Isn't that how every mother is? :)

And hence, this space - a platform where I could share my views with others and listen to what they have to say. A place where I can put down my thoughts as a mother and not be judged for it. A space where I can hear from other mothers about their experiences and views.

'Being a Maa' is not only about me, but about every mother and mother to-be. It's about all that we go through in the process of becoming a Maa, and those blessed moments when we are showered with gummy smiles, gentle touches, and endearing coos. It's about a Maa and her little child. :)


  1. So happy for you Neha!!! Wonderful posts of encouragement - I have no doubt you are one amazing mom!

  2. So good to hear from you StephieAnne :). Thank you for your kind words. Only trying to my best to be the mother I have always missed having in my life.

  3. This is beautiful! I maybe a little late in sending my wishes to you but then, congratulations for being bestowed upon with the blessing of motherhood.

    ~Stay blessed~

  4. Dear Neha,

    Your blog is really motivating al-teast to people like me you get scared with the idea of Being a maa...all becoz of the experiences of people ...whom so ever i ask they say its terrible during these nine months cant sleep,cant eat....but you showed a positive side its a "Honeymoon Period"......keep writing.......

    1. Vijaya, it's a beautiful phase and motherhood is even more fulfilling. While I too had apprehensions, there's no doubt as to how beautiful life has become with my son :)