Thursday, April 10, 2014

So, You Think You're Ready?

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When I was in my first trimester and totally drained with morning sickness, my better half, to cheer me up, would say, "Pregnancy is the ultimate dream of every woman." I, exhausted from all the throwing up, would snap back, "Motherhood it is... not pregnancy!"

So, yes, like any other woman, I, too, have always looked forward to becoming a mother. Isn't it amazing to have your own little baby to cuddle and hug all the time! Children, especially the tiny ones, have always had me in awe. And to have my own... well, could it be any better?

While the decision of stepping into motherhood may be a conscious one for many, yet very few realize what it would entail. And I certainly wasn't one of those few. Of course, I was looking forward to a cute little angel, but wasn't really up for what lay in store in the process.

So, if you are planning to tread down this path, there are a few things you need to be prepared for. Here goes:

  • The first to come are those fretful testing moments - have I conceived yet or not? Your hands tremble, your heart races and knees shake. Yes, those moments are worse than waiting for the results of the most competitive exam you may have appeared in.

  • So you have conceived? Great! Now? Yes, this is one question that even the most prepared cannot answer. I thought I was prepared until this moment. All my courage flew out of the window and a question that popped up was - "Would I be able to take up this kind of responsibility?"

  • So, here you are! All geared to enjoy the coming nine months where there is absolutely no restriction on eating! Of course, all thoughts of dieting can be shelved for later. For now, you are pregnant and have every reason to eat as much you like and all that you love. But wait! While it is true that women develop a craving for certain foods, there are others who simply begin detesting the look of it. I had begun to hate the very word 'food' and it was for all 9 months!

  • Everyone around would now advise you to rest as much as you can and eat well too. The body, too, goes on a different tandem completely and cries for more rest and sleep, all the time. But how can one get rest when the better part of the day is spent in the bathroom, either throwing up or having to go? And as the weeks progress, the body develops strange pains... sometimes, it's the back and at other times, your legs and feet. No position seems to be right while all you want and need is a good sleep.

  • Everyone around you is the most knowledgeable, from your house-help to a neighborhood aunty you never knew existed. Wherever you go, you will be showered with Do's & Don'ts! And it would always start with, "When I was expecting ____, I would _____. I tell you, it's the best way/thing."

  • As the months progress, the guessing game gets fiercer. I was shopping for my hospital bag items when every lady in the store told me what they felt it was - boy or girl. And mind you, these are not supposed to be guesses, but an accurate shot. After all, everyone is experienced, except you :).

  • Whenever and wherever you go, everyone would ask, "So, when is the baby coming?" I always found this funny. I mean, whenever the baby does arrive, everyone would know, won't they?
Have I scared you? Don't be. This is simply the other side of the coin; and I assure you that the better side outweighs all this. After all, experience counts :)

Be back soon. Till then, take care and stay precious.

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  1. LOL! This made me laugh Neha, coz right now I am experiencing ALL of these... In the 7th month right now, and tell me about those aches and pains and discomfort while sleeping.. Sometimes it's the back, at others, places I didn't even know existed in my body!